Graduate & Transfer Counselor Conversation Request Form

Interested in learning more about our grad programs or transferring to Juniata? 

We invite you to connect 1-to-1 virtually with Jessica Harpster, Assistant Dean for Graduate & Transfer Admissions.  We hope that these conversations will provide you the opportunity to ask any question(s) and satisfy any curiosities you may have about a a grad program, academic program or department at Juniata College.

We ask that you please fill out the short form below. 
We kindly ask that you share the Monday - Friday date(s) and corresponding time(s) that work best for your schedule.

To accommodate appointment requests, we ask that you provide no less than 5 business days notice when picking your preferred dates.

Upon receipt of your request, we will coordinate your appointment and confirm your meeting time and links via email. All meetings will be conducted virtually via Zoom and last approximately half an hour.