Music Audition Choral & Instrumental

Music Scholarship Auditions

Register to compete for an instrumental or vocal music scholarship! Scholarship winners will be awarded up to $5,000 a year while participating in instrumental or choral ensembles.

Important Requirements:

  • Eligible candidates must be an admitted student entering Juniata during the Fall 2024 semester with an interest in vocal or instrumental music and the intent to participate in an ensemble.
  • Scholarship awards are contingent upon the recipient's participation in an ensemble while on campus
  • Vocalists will be required to prepare for one assigned piece. You will sing your part with a choral recording and then a capella. Further details will be provided in the confirmation email.
  • Instrumentalists will be required to prepare at least one, but in most circumstances, two pieces.
    • Wind and String instrumentalists will be required to bring their own instruments to the audition.
    • If you will require an accompaniment, you will be expected to bring an accompaniment with you or a recording of the accompaniment. A 6' grand piano will be available.
    • Specific details for all instrumental types will be provided in the confirmation email.
    • If there is proficiency in a secondary performance area, applicants are encouraged to include this in the audition scheduling.

If you have additional questions about scheduling your review, please contact Marissa Fouse, our Campus Visit Coordinator at 814-641-3428 or at   

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